Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's a... a... A...?!?!?

Baby. Yes we are having a baby. Lets start with a back story so everyone can understand.

When I was pregnant with Evan, my dad did not want to know what "brand" he was. I decided nope, I will NOT find out. When I hopped on the table the tech said, "Do you want to know what....?" She stuck the wand to my belly. "The sex is?" There it was. Loud and proud. Evan Michael's manhood in blurry black and white. I guess that was a yes. Well, momma is not the best secret keeper and lord knows I try, but we had to tell dad.

Once we announced we were pregnant with numero dos we made the decision not to tell anyone. Christopher and I would find out and keep it quiet. We want to surprise my dad. So all the begging in the world will not have us tell you. : )

Friday we went to the doctor for my 17 week check up. It was your basic pee in a cup, bp, and yadda yadda. The tech was kind of a Bee-yatch. Who expects a pregnant lady to stand still to balance for 5 seconds to get your weight. We have to try to pee in a cup! Reaching around the big belly to PEE IN A CUP. Hahaha! Name me one pregnant woman that has not had a cup episode! A lot of you have probably had them, or at least, heard them. Turns out I have lost 3 lbs since I became pregnant. My doctor said it was totally fine since i started a job where I get more exercise than normal pregnant ladies. She said as long as I was eating fine, feeling fine and not being sick, the weight loss was just ducky. My blood pressure was great, 113/70. As far as the Toxemia I developed with Evan my doctor said that my chance of having it again is WAY less since I have already had it, but it is still a higher chance than a normal pregnancy. Great news thus far.

I had made a joke/question to the tech wondering if I could get a peek and see if we could see the sex. I got shot down. In a blaze of glory. After we met with Wendy my NP, who I adore, and now Christopher does, he decides to ask her. She told us to hold on a minute and disappeared. We chatted for about 2 minutes and she came back and said to grab our stuff. Needless to say she snuck us in for a 10 minute scan with my new hero Laura, the sonographer. Peanuts head is by my belly button and its feet are tickling my bladder. This totally makes sense since I have been feeling some weird pressure on my bladder. Little monster. As she got down to the "area in question" it had its feet crossed. My husband promptly said it was a family trait and Evan and I are always working our crossed feet when we sleep. After a few jiggles and wiggles Peanut took a huge stretch and showed ALL.

Like stated before, we aren't telling. The pictures are locked away. We totally appreciate the well wishes and guilt trips, and now bribes, but this is kind of a special thing. I hope you all enjoy the reveal when I deliver just as much as we will enjoy sharing it with you!

Now a few other things. In light of gender being a secret, we have had some questions on gifts, if there are any brand specific, color, size etc. Here is a rundown of what we know thus far.

Bottles are Playtex Drop In
Diapers are Luvs
Bedroom theme is monkeys, the colors are shades of green and brown

We do have a registry at Babies R Us, and I am working on one at Wal-Mart. I have had some questions on if we have to get the stuff on BRU registry at BRU. NO NO NO NO NO. LOL I am a frugal momma, if you can find the same thing elsewhere and it saves ya some, have at it!!!

We have the BIG Ultrasound on February 17th, so we will have a TON of pictures to post!

Lots of LOVE,
Megan, Christopher, Evan and Peanut

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I look at that equation and wonder, what in the whole wide world of snow are/were we thinking. Yes, most of you know, Christopher and I are expecting our second child. This little bundle of indigestion, mom narcolepsy, and psycho mood swings will make his or her appearance on or around the fifth of July. Did we impeccably time that or what?! No we didn't actually. They only plan was to try to have this kiddo when Evan started school. We REALLY did NOT want to have to pay for two children in daycare. Gas breaks us as it is, don't add two daycare bills. Sure the great state of Alabama has a low cost of living, but it seems that employers forget to adjust an increase in pay. Rant over. Back to "Peanut" as we have started calling it.

Have any of you moms read Jenny McCarthy's book Belly Laughs? It is basically a look at the ungraceful things that women go through in a pregnancy. She takes an honest look inside the strange-ness that we mothers go through while we harbor a fugitive for 9 months. A few months ago when Chris and I started talking the "baby" word, I pulled this book out and read it to him. In that one simple movement I cursed myself. I am now just shy of 14 weeks pregnant and I can start a checklist of the things in that book that are happening to me. There isn't much pleasant in that book, most is gross and uncomfortable, and NOTHING I experienced while carrying Evan. Don't most mothers say, "Every pregnancy is different?" Yes, Yes they do.

I knew, immediately I was pregnant. I haven't felt normal since I saw those two blessed lines on that extremely expensive stick I had peed on. Food became an enemy. There was a constant state of yuck not quite enough to call morning sickness. I lived with this strange feeling of ick sitting in my chest that only two Tums and a Gas-x could begin to abate. My Obstetrician could not, correction, would not, see me until I was eight weeks. What came with that glorious appointment? A cute little ultrasound of Peanut and a prescription of Zofran and Phenegren. Did you hear the angels sing? I did. The first weekend I took one, I ate. When I say ate, I ATE! I felt human.

As a result, I turned into one of the women that have to constantly eat something. If I didn't, that rock in my chest would return. JOY!
I can proudly say, since about 11.5 weeks I have been Zofran and Phenegren free and food is my friend. The hotter and spicier the food, the better.
Pregnancy with your second child makes you appreciate your first pregnancy so much more. With Ev I never got sick, had heartburn, took nausea medicine, hurt, ached, pained or really complained. With this one I feel like a simpering pile of WAAHH's! Just ask my adoringly wonderful husband. He is a trooper. I think excitement and anticipation has blinded him for the whiny, psycho, whimpering, puddle of mush that his once strong willed wife used to be. Am I a wimp this time, yes, yes I am.

So, I had a visit to the doctor on Friday. Actually, I saw the NP (Nurse Practitioner) since I work all day Tuesday-Thursday. I personally find it a lot more comforting and more personal that actually seeing my doctor. She doesn't seem to be in such a rush, and I feel she cares more than my doctor does. Plus, maybe it's just me, but, I am a lot more comfortable with my NP. Hopefully I get to have her a lot throughout this pregnancy. She is pretty awesome.
Peanuts heart rate was 157 and everything with me was perfectly fine and dandy. I even LOST a pound. What I don't understand is why my high tech OB-GYN doesn't have a digital scale. My scale at home says I am 6lbs lighter than their ancient slidy one. But, I guess a pound is a pound? My next appoint will be at 17 weeks on January 27th. I doubt they will do the big ultrasound, but they may. If not, that one will be last week of February.
On THAT topic, those of you that do not yet know, we will be finding out the sex but will NOT be sharing the information. With Evan my family wanted to be surprised. Evan wanted us to know and showed it proudly at 20 weeks. *eye roll* This is a personal choice and I don't think we can be persuaded otherwise. (please make all checks out to us, we don't at this time accept major credit cards as a bribe)

That is all for now, continue to wish us luck, and check back often!